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Keep your firefighting equipment in top condition with help from JT's Fire Extinguishers located in Annapolis, Maryland. We perform complete fire extinguisher inspections that help us determine the effectiveness of your residential or marine equipment.

If any issues are found, we do whatever is necessary to make your fire extinguishers fully functional again. Prevent safety gaps with fire extinguisher inspections and services from our company in Annapolis, Maryland.

Your Safety Is Our Business

JT's Fire Extinguishers specializes in inspections and services for both marine systems and residential equipment. Portable fire extinguishers must be inspected and tagged on an annual basis, while dry chemical extinguishers require maintenance every 6 years. This involves a full internal inspection where we remove and replace the extinguishing agent, making it easier to kill flames quickly.

To keep your fire extinguishers operating at optimum levels, we also recommend they undergo hydro testing every 12 years. Marine systems for charter boats must be evaluated every 5 years.
Call us at (410) 626-9660 for fire extinguisher inspections and services that make your home or boat safer.